ZEKKEI: Development work in progress!

All of these short clips were created on our in-development app called ZEKKEI (Studio), keyframe based “VIRTUAL” fly-through visualizer works with mobile map technologies provided by Apple (Mapkit) and of course, Google (Google Maps API for iOS).

Some of ZEKKEI’s camera control functions are used in our new iOS app called “FLYTRUM”. Try it right now, it’s free!


FLYTRUM: Welcome to the infinite flight in the VIRTUAL≈REAL world

FLYTRUM is OUT NOW! Get it on the App Store

FLYTRUM might look like a flight simulator or simple map application, but in fact it is neither.

This app provides a thrilling fly-through experience in the virtual world built up by the latest mobile map technologies, controlling an imaginary drone that is easy to navigate with its unique features.

The world you are exploring is not fictional but real, and one that is reflecting the enormous and ever-changing information of actual locations.

FLYTRUM will be an exciting and useful tool for you to know more about your living world.

Version 1.0

The initial version of the app includes
imaginary fixed-wing scouting drone named “Fractalus”

+ Aircraft Specs
– Supported Map Type : Standard (Apple)
– Flight Speed : 120 km/h (fixed)
– Max Warp Beacon Payload : 3
– Max Flight Time : Unlimited
– Fuel Source : Gasified Curiosity

+ Features
– Warp
– Course lock
– 360-degree wide panning

Please note > The appearance of the perspective view of the map and how it looks will differ between those using iOS 10 and iOS 11.
This is due to the fact that, in iOS 11 Apple has made stronger restrictions on the range of look down angles on the map.

* FLYTRUM made with “ZEKKEI”, our visual engine for location-based gaming and simulations.